SWOS membership is available to all career grade ophthalmologists working in the South West of England and South Wales. Ophthalmologists in training grades are eligable for Associate Membership.

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South West Glaucoma Group

The South West Glaucoma Group meets annually.

The meeting consists of invited talks by guest speakers and case presentations from the region which always provoke vigorous discussion. In the evening there is an informal dinner in a local restaurant. Programmes for previous meetings are available

2019 Meeting Details will be made available here when we receive further information.

2018 Meeting Details - cancelled

Bristol University School of Chemistry


Friday 14th September 2018

SWGG 2018 venue image


Cancelation Reasons:

"Dear All
I'm very sorry to say that Leon Au, the external speaker for the SWOS Glaucoma Group Meeting on 14th September has had to suddenly pull out. As he was doing two of the three lectures, I have decided the best course of action would be to cancel the meeting on the proposed date and arrange a future date. This seemed to me to be a better option than to try to get a replacement speaker or cobble some talks together at 2 weeks notice. When sponsors are providing a sum of money to support the meeting and attendees are travelling from all over the region, I would like to make the meeting of as high a quality as I can manage.
It's a great shame that this means that there won't be a glaucoma meeting this autumn, but I am hoping to re-arrange a date in the early spring. Hopefully I can co-ordinate this with everyone so that it can be an all day meeting to be incorporated into the regional registrar teaching timetables. I will let everyone know a proposed date as soon as possible.
If you have kindly locally forwarded any previous details about the meeting, I would be grateful if you could forward this email so nobody turns up!
I would like to particularly thank the sponsors who agreed to fund the meeting and attend, I look forward to asking you to do the same again very soon!
Kind regards
Demetri Manasses"


East Foyer, School of Chemistry, Cantock's Close, Off Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1TS
The School of Chemistry is a short walk from Bristol Eye Hospital in the centre of Bristol.
The nearest public car park is Trenchard Street NCP.