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SWOS Prize Winners

The details of the latest research prizes can be found on the Research prizes page » below are the list of winners for each category.

2019 SWOS Bristol Prize Winners

ARVO £1500: awarded to Andrew Want on  “Optic nerve head features as a predictor of the formation of acquired pits of the optic nerve (APONS)”
Published Paper £500: awarded to Serene Siying Lin on “Delineating the expanding phenotype associated with SCAPER gene mutation”
Best Presentation £300: awarded to Samantha Hunt on “CCG funding of oculoplastics:- is there a postcode lottery?”
Second Best Presentation £200: awarded to Teerajet Taechameekieteitichai on  “A rare case of full thickness macular hole after air-puff tonometry”.


2018 SWOS Bristol Prize Winners

ARVO £1500: awarded to Tavassoli Shokufeh for her presentation on ‘Estimate of incidence of ROP requiring treatment in extreme pre-terms and impact on services – 7 year review in tertiary Unit.
Published Paper £500: awarded to Ryian Mohammed for paper ‘Consulting the consultants: Avastin in treatment of Wet AMD’
Best Presentation £300: awarded to Shahzaib Rehan for her presentation on ‘Ophthalmic emergencies presenting to the emergency department: evaluation of the PEARS scheme’
Second Best Presentation £200: awarded to Colm McAlinden for presentation on ‘Corneal aberrations measured with the Oculus Pentacom HR: repeatability and reproducibility’


2017 SWOS Bristol Prize Winners

£1000 ARVO prize: Derek K H Ho, Swansea.

£500 Paper prize: Colin Chu, Bristol.

£300.00 prize: Rhys Harrison, Bristol.

£200.00 prize: Rebecca Rewbury.

2016 SWOS Bristol Prize Winners

£1000 ARVO prize: Tomas Burke. OCT angiography in treatment of myopic CNV.

£300.00 prize: Damien Yeo, Cardiff: Reducing incidence of infantile esotropia.

£200.00 prize: Derek Hoe Cardiff: Antibiotic resistance associated with prophylaxis for Chlamydia Trachomatis.


2015 SWOS Bristol Prize Winners

ARVO £1000:

Jan Huelle, Plymouth. The end of biometry? Calculating intraocular lens power on the table with two new intraoperative Hartman-Shack aberrometry derived formulae

Best Presentations:

1st Prize £300: Sofie Theodoropoulu, Bristol. Interleukin 33/ST2 signalling regulates inflammatory response in choroidal stroma and ocular angiogenesis: implications for age related macular degeneration.

2nd Prize £200: Tom Betts, Cardiff. Characteristics of eye injury in child abuse: a systematic review.


2014 SWOS Bristol Prize Winners

Best Published Paper (£500)  Miranda Buckle - Prevalence and incidence of blindness and other degrees of visual impairment in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration in a well-defined region of the United Kingdom

Best Presentation 1st Prize (£300) Shokufeh Tavassoli (Bristol) - First signs of neovascular age-related macular degeneration requiring anti-VEGF treatment in second eyes under monthly surveillance after treatment in the first eye

Best Presentation 2nd Prize (£200) Luke Anderson (Cardiff) - Development of Cardiff i cards

ARVO Presentation Award (£1000) was not awarded in 2014 as it was felt unlikely that any material presented, which had not already been published or presented at an international meeting, would be selected for an oral presentation at ARVO 2015

2012 SWOS Bristol prize winners (Held January 2013)


Best Published paper (£500)
Safety of nondominant –hand ophthalmic surgery
Mr Jonathan Park
Royal Eye Infirmary Plymouth

Best Presentation (£250)
Willingness to pay for cataract surgery in post-operative cataract patients in rural Malawi
Mr Will Dean et al.
NkHoma Eye Hospital, Malawi

Best Poster (£250)
Are virtual clinics safe? Audit of outcomes one year after initial assessment of a cohort of DRSS ‘M1' referrals in a virtual clinic.
Mr Osama Giasin

ARVO Presentation Award (£1000)
Associations between developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and common ophthalmic abnormalities in children aged 7 to 8 years.
Miss Alexandra Crevin et al.
Cheltenham General Hospital

2011 SWOS Bristol prize winners


Best publication
Mr Jonathan Goodfellow (Bristol)

Best oral presentation
Wai Seine Ng (Newport)

Best poster
Fouzdar Samiksha (Cheltenham)

2010 SWOS Newport prize winners


Best publication
Mr Nathaniel Knox-Cartwright (Bristol)

Best oral presentation
Miss Ann Williams (Cardiff)

Best poster
Miss Rebecca Thomas (Cardiff)

2009 SWOS prize winners NA



2008 SWOS Exeter prize winners


Best publication
Mr Phillip Jaycock (Bristol)
The cataract national dataset electronic multicentre audit of 55567 operations updating benchmark standards of care in the UK and internationally.

Clinical Study Eye (23 Nov 2007), doi: 10.1038/sj.eye.6703015

Best oral presentation
Miss Lei-ai Lim (Exeter-Taunton)
omparison of the Snellen, compacted reduced logMAR and EDTRS charts in routine clinical practice.

Best poster
Miss Rosemary Lambley (Torquay)
Stratus OCT for glaucoma progression detection.

2007 SWOS Bristol prize winners


Best publication

Best oral presentation
Mr Marten Brelen (Bristol)

Best poster
Mr Paul Baddely